essay writing tips: do smart, not hard

Tackling the essay writing

There is enough complexity with a custom law essay that there should be none added. Keep the essay simple and easy to read. Only use complex words when needed, and make sure they are in the right context. If a reader has to stop and re-read your paragraph, or has to stop and figure out what you said, then it will get bad marks or fail. An essay is to show what you know, not to show off, or just throw words at.

No plagiarism

Never in any circumstance plagiarise! Use your own words. When you need to, use a quote from a resource, and properly note it. Both in the paragraph and in the Bibliography. Only use what is needed, a sentence or two at most.

Proper wording

Use well-defined statements. Do not beat around the bush to use up words, say it clearly. State what you want to say in a precise and intelligent wording. Do not use clumsy phrasing, but express your point evenly.

Check sources

Make sure of your sources. With the web now so full of unqualified opinions and statements, be careful of the sources.Make sure of your sources' validity. Wikipedia is not a valid source, although it is good for references.

Vital Things to Remember

No Slang words

Slang words are an absolute no. Except if you are using them as a point of words used by technicians, then explain them and why they are used.

After Paper is Done

Always proof read your work. A good rule of thumb is to proof each paragraph after you write it, then the paper when you are done.


Proofing and editing are the two of the three final steps to be done. They are all very important; proofing, editing, and re-writing.


Because mistakes happen, do not worry about rewriting your paper, you will have to. Ir will help you to make a flawless paper.

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