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Coming Up With An Interesting Essay Topic On Sports

The key to any well written essay is so often the choice of topic. If you make the topic interesting, it helps you in the writing of the work and it helps the person reading your material. Of course the word interesting which appears in the title of this article is subjective. What you find interesting in the world of sport may be dead set boring to somebody else. So make sure that the topic you choose really appeals to you.

If this is an argumentative essay which you are writing then not only must the topic be interesting it must have an issue or issues which lend itself to different opinions. One of the best ways to find an interesting essay topic on sports is to brainstorm the subject. Make a list of the sports in which you are interested. This could be because you play those sports or you follow those sports or you know about those sports. Then ask yourself the question about which of these sports is involved in controversy. From there you can start to build a selection of topics.

Always bear in the mind your level of interest in the chosen topic for your essay.

If you're not too sure, then here are some possibilities for your essay work from writers. Remember that you don't have to take any one of these suggestions in their entirety. In fact you can take one of them and develop your own spin on that particular topic.

  1. Gambling in sports today has never created so many problems.
  2. There is still significant discrimination against women in sport today.
  3. When there is significant money involved in sport, corruption is bound to happen.
  4. The role played by agents in managing athletes today has never been so crucial or complicated.
  5. Loyalty to the team or country is no longer relevant in sport today.
  6. Doping in professional sport has become a multi-billion dollar industry.
  7. Governments should spend far more resources on encouraging grass roots support for such activities.
  8. As an important cultural and health activity, sport should be far more promoted in Third World countries.
  9. Coaching in sport must begin at the very beginner levels.
  10. At the earliest age, competition is not important but rather participation.
  11. Politics in sport is inevitable but often unhelpful.
  12. It is important that watching sport does not stop people from healthy exercise.

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