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12 good example essay topics for high school students

Not to unfairly generalise, but let’s face it: The vast majority of high school students would far rather spend their time on hundreds of activities before writing essays! Writing essays, though, is critical to the development of skills such as description, logic, instruction, debate, and critical reasoning. So to encourage students to fully engage with their essay writing, it is critical to select topics that are relevant and interesting to them, lest from the get-go they simply lose interest and do the bare minimum to complete the assignment.

  1. 1.Not the Boss of Me: Do adults unfairly try to control teenagers, and so deny them their freedom to make mistakes, learn, and forge their own paths? Justify your position.
  2. 2.Old School: How have teachers and schools fallen behind, not kept up with the times, and missed the boat on the uses (and abuses?) of modern technology for learning? Propose better alternatives.
  3. 3.For Old Dummies, a Technology Guide: Select a hot, new technology or application. Write an instruction manual for your grandparents on how to use it, and how to get the most value out of it.
  4. 4.Viva la Revolución: Throughout history, hundreds of revolutions have been lead by youths. Why do you think that is?
  5. 5.Turning Tables: Let’s get students to grade their teachers. Exactly how would you propose such a system work to be fair, and to discourage “revenge ratings”?
  6. 6.Money for Jam: Workers are paid to produce good results in their jobs. Why do you think it would be a bad idea for schools to pay students for good test scores?
  7. 7.Home Schooling: If you were given the choice to be homeschooled, would you take it up? Why, and why not?
  8. 8.Blueprints for Bullying: What are the most common ways in which people are bullied in your school? What solutions would you recommend to your teachers to put an end to it?
  9. 9.Favourites: Do schools play favourites? So do they favour girls more than boys? Or sports stars more than musicians? Or rich kids more than poor kids?
  10. 10.Role Models: Pick one of your heroes. Describe them, their words, and their deeds. Now convince us that your personal role model should be everyone’s role model.
  11. 11.All a Clone: Science will soon have the technology to create human clones. If you could be cloned, would you do so? Why, or why not?
  12. 12.Talent, Luck, and Hard Work: Share your definition of success. In those terms, what role do you think talent, luck, and hard work play in achieving success? Which is the most important? Which is the least important?

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