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Animal Rights

Almost every person grew up wearing leather, going to zoos and circuses and eating meat. Likewise, most people keep pets, birds and other animals in their compound and cages. However, people fail to consider how their practices affect the animal involved. Animals don’t know their rights and therefore, for whatever reason, people it is the responsibility of people to ensure their rights are maintained. However, the question has remained, should animals be given same rights to humans?

What Determines Right Attached to a Being

Supporters of animal rights such as Peter Singer argued that the fundamental equality principle does not need identical or equal treatment but equal consideration. This is very vital distinction between human and animal rights. People frequently ask whether animals should be given rights. The response is very simple, yes. Animals deserve the right to live free exploitation and suffering life. The founder of the moral philosophy reforming utilitarian school, Jeremy Bentham stated that, when determining the rights of being, the question should not be on the ability to reason or talk but the ability to suffer. Therefore the capacity to suffer is the key factor that determines whether a being should have rights. All animals have the capacity to suffer and thus just like humans; they should be considered similarly to human beings. Animals feel pleasure, pain, frustration, fear, motherly love and loneliness. All human actions related to animal life should consider their moral obligations.

Human Chauvinism in Animal Right

People who support animal rights argue that animal have an inherent value or worth which is ultimately different from their significance to humans. They claim that every being that has will to live have a right to free suffering and pain life. The rights of animals are not a mere philosophy but a social movement that challenges the traditional view of the society that all animals exist exclusively for human use. When it come to pain and suffering, neither human nor non-human is exceptional. Animals feel pain and suffer just like peoples and thus same consideration should be taken when it comes to their rights.

It is only human chauvinism that denies other animals their right to free suffering and pain life. Chauvinism is morally unacceptable, whether based on gender, race, species or sexual orientation. If people cannot eat a cat, why eat a goat? Both cat and cat have equal ability to feel pain, but it is human chauvinism based on species which allows people view animals as a source of wealth and food

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