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The 20 Best Causal Argument Essay Topics For High School

When you are asked to write a causal argument essay, you will need to come up with a really good topic. The topic has to deal with the causes of consequences of an action. It is an interesting type of paper because it discusses two factors: the cause and the result. You have to explain how something happened or the result of something. Coming up with a topic for this type of essay is hard. You won’t have to fret too much though because here is a list of twenty of the best causal argument essay topics that are great for high school students.

Choose a topic that interests you or one that you know a lot about. You will have to explain either the causes or the effects of the event.

Topics to consider from US essay writers:

  1. What are the main causes of obesity in America?
  2. Why is there such a low percentage of students who graduate college?
  3. What are some of the effects of the computer revolution?
  4. What causes holes in the ozone?
  5. What were the causes of the recent recession?
  6. What causes depression?
  7. How does someone become a role model?
  8. Can the weather affect your mood?
  9. What caused the American Civil War?
  10. What are the effects of a decline in the real estate market?
  11. What caused the Great Depression?
  12. What are some factors that cause birth defects?
  13. How insurance rates are decided?
  14. How did mountains form?
  15. What causes species to evolve?
  16. What factors lead to divorce?
  17. How did people keep slaves without locking them away?
  18. Why do some people have personality disorders?
  19. What events lead women to get the right to vote?
  20. How did Hitler come to power?

Once you have your topic, start to develop your thesis and your outline. This will help you focus your attentions to the information that you will need to talk about. Find at least three causes or three effects. You won’t want to choose a topic that you can’t come up with at least supporting details.

This paper can be interesting to write but a little intimidating at first because you have to make sure that you are talking about events that are the cause or the effect and not ones that correlate to each other.

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