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10 Exclusive Persuasive Essay Topics For High School Students

One great thing about persuasive essays is that you will never be short on ideas for topics. There is always something going on in the world that you will care about and would care about enough to want to persuade someone else to care about it to. Do you care a lot about animals? If so, you might want the write a persuasive paper on an animal that is currently endangered, which discusses and persuades the reader about the ethics of a vegetarian lifestyle, why they should adopt a pet instead of buying one, why they should get their animal fixed, the dangers of smoking in the home of a pet, all kinds of ideas. Take your favorite subject area, animals, human rights issues, psychology, education, and investigate what’s going on in the field.


Persuasive essays are a type of argumentation in which you try to persuade someone to come around to your side on the argument through presenting overwhelming evidence that your side is the right side. Effective persuasive essays present overwhelming evidence and research that you are truly correct. These essays follow the same traditional format of all essays, except for one condition – to make your persuasive piece most effective, you will want to briefly acknowledge the other side’s point of view and then present stark evidence to refute that point of view. Therefore, a persuasive essay is structured like this:

  1. I. Introduction: Can be one or two paragraphs
  2. II. A strong thesis statement at the end of your last introductory paragraph – if you only have one, the thesis statement will be found at the end of paragraph one.
  3. III. Body paragraphs providing evidence of your thesis
  4. IV. In the second to the last paragraph—acknowledge the major objection the other point of view will have to your argument and refute it. This may take more than a few sentences
  5. V. Closing paragraph

Great Topics for Persuasive Essays

  1. Polar Bears are Human(e) Too: What We Can Do to Keep Polar Bears from Becoming Extinct.
  2. Adopt a Pet – Don’t Buy a Pet – and Save a Life
  3. Global Warming—We Should All Do Our Part
  4. School Uniforms Should Be Banned
  5. Why School Uniforms Can Be a Positive Thing
  6. Why Everyone Should Get A Pet—Today: New Findings on Stress Reduction through Having Pets
  7. Don’t Even Lightly Smack Your Child—Ever
  8. Why All Teens Should Have an HPV Vaccine
  9. Why Everyone Should Be Required By Law To Have an HIV Test
  10. Why E-Cigarettes Should Be More Restricted

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