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The Top 20 Hottest Essay Topics For University Students

Great topics in university level studies follow trends. Here’s some great trends which you can adapt to any topic for any type of discipline within the university. Whatever your major is, you can use these ideas as springboards for your area of study. For example, 21st century studies, leadership studies, and education studies can be adapted to suit virtually any industry, as well can diversity studies, which is important whether you are an educator, hospital manager, or hospitality manager for that matter.

Here are some popular trends across the disciplines.

  1. A Look Back at 2000: What Can We Use From What We Have Learned About Educational Leadership
  2. Social Media in the Classroom/Social Media in the Workplace: How We Can Use Social Media to Enrich our MultiCultural Classrooms
  3. Leadership in Education/Hospitality Management/Healthcare Today
  4. New Movements in Diversity Studies Within the Hospitality Sector How to Enhance Intercultural Workplaces in Healthcare
  5. Making the Classroom More Diversity Friendly: New Studies in Diversity Theory and Practice
  6. Where We Have Been and Where We Want To Go: Making the Workplace More Diversity Friendly for 2020.
  7. The First Decade of the New Millennium and Computer Software Engineering: A Review of What We Have Learned
  8. Where Genotyping is Headed for The Next Decade: A look at New Discoveries and Experiments in Genotyping
  9. Where We Are Headed in New Discoveries for Organ Transplants: Growing Ears on Mice and Beyond
  10. New Theories in Social Media Marketing
  11. Strategic Management: New and Emergent Theories
  12. Eating Disorders in Middle School-ers Today and How to Prevent Them: New Studies in Education Counseling
  13. Making Classrooms a Place of Enhanced Diversity: New Theories in Creating an Intercultural Classroom
  14. New Theories in Teaching ESL: How to Convey What We Know
  15. New Theories in Educating the Autistic Child: Special Education and Theory Today
  16. Human Resources Management: New and Emergent Theories as We Enter the New Millennium
  17. New Movements in Education: Educational Theory in the 21st Century
  18. Teaching Chinese Writing: How to Teach the Most Complex Type of Writing in the World
  19. Teaching Chicano Literature in the White Classroom: New Challenges and Theories Since Ciscernos
  20. From Leslie Marmon Silko to Joy Harjo and Beyond: Native American Literature and the 21st Century: Where are We Going, and Where Have We Been

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