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How To Write Strong Process Essays: Free Tips And Ideas

If you're writing a process essay, there are a few great ways that can help you stay on track including helping your reader get organized, visualizing the steps, keeping it fun and informative, ensuring all steps have been completed, and ensuring you troubleshoot any problems that can arise.

Writing in an instructional type of style is about relaying information and teaching someone how to complete something. You're also helping them to learn something new, so you have to ensure you walk through it where they can understand it in laymen’s terms that are easy, fun and informative. Ways that you can help them include:

By adding things like humor and informative tips, you can help to ease any tension the person may have in completing a project that they may be unsure of, or nervous about. You can interject words like “Relax, you’re almost done,” or something like “You're almost there,” which is reassuring them that they're on the right track and doing fine.

Also include things like troubleshooting what to avoid, so that they understand if it made a mistake how to fix it. For example in our scrambled egg example, you know that a reader might make a mistake like getting shells in their egg yolk. The way to help your reader is to tell them this can happen and either tell them to crack the eggs on the side and then add them in, or reassure them, and let them know if it happens, they can pick the pieces out or go to McDonalds!

By keeping it fun and informative, the process essay will help people to complete a task and rest assured that they can complete a project themselves without pulling up to the drive thru and placing their order!

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