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Uncle Tom's Cabin

Uncle Tom’s Cabin is one of the best books written concerning slavery during the 1800s. The novel depicts the complicated relationship between slave owners and slaves. The story is centered around the author’s family plantation that was located in Maryland and based on the life of one of the slaves, Uncle Tom. The novel was written by Harriet Beecher Stowe who is considered the “Mother of the Civil War”. President Abraham Lincoln stated that Ms. Stowe’s novel was the main cause of the Civil War that started in 1860. The Uncle Tom’s Cabin novel shed light on the brutality of slavery.

The slave novel was the best-selling book during its time and was only second to the Bible as the Number One book to be sold. One setback of the book was that it created stereotypes of how blacks behaved. This help to implant negative stereotypes that White Americans had concerning Black Americans. These negative stereotypes contributed to sparking the hatred that Whites had towards Blacks following the Civil War up to present the day. Uncle Tom’s Cabin novel portrayed slaves as being slothful, lazy, slow, uneducated, and not being able to speak English well.

The book gave Northerners a bird’s eye view of the brutality associated with slavery. The book also shed light on the complicated relationship between the slave master and slave. The novel helped to demonstrate that slaves were only seen as property and were treated worse than animals at times. Slaves being considered as no more than “chattel” made it difficult for slaves to establish strong family ties. The main reason it was difficult for slaves to establish strong family ties was that slave masters separated families. The slave owners would divide up the slave families by selling or loaning individual slaves to different plantations. Sometimes family members were sold to plantations in local towns or other states.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin is a very intriguing and fascinating novel that helped to spark great debate on why slavery had to be abolished. The book also let the world know the brutality of slavery and how profitable slavery could be. The North wanted to end slavery because they believed that the South had too much political power. This was the main reason for wanting to end slavery and not that Blacks deserved to be free. After the Civil War, many Blacks were placed back into servitude roles because the only jobs they were able to get were as maids, butlers, housekeepers, and sharecroppers. Uncle Tom’s Cabin was the best story to detail the brutality of slavery.

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