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Is Gay Marriage Unconstitutional?

In recent times, the issue of homosexuality has become more prominent in the public eyes, mainly because traditionally, Governments have been highly influenced by religious individuals which resulted in homosexual coupling being outlawed in many locations around the world. It is not uncommon to hear of homosexuals being thrown into prison for their activities, or mutilated by angry crowds and as result, many gays have begun to fight for their rights through various methods. Many places, though not the majority, have taken measures to grant gay couples the same rights as heterosexuals so whether gay marriages is constitutional or not, may depend on where you are when you ask the question.

What determines your ability to marry someone of the same sex?

In north America, The Supreme court has altered existing laws to grant persons the ability to marry others of the same sex. This decision was met with great approval from the LGBT society in the same way that many groups, religious and otherwise, are highly unhappy that people, very much like themselves, can now lead happy, fulfilling lives. Many feel that the act of two men or women being joined together in the sacred covenant of marriage is a disgrace to the natural order of things and the laws set by their various religious teachings. These various groups have made many protests involving actual rallies and many media statements. However, despite disapproval from many groups, it is now quite constitutional to participate in a same sex marriage in north America.

Places that gays may never be able to legally wed

Religion has affected most governments and their subsequent constitutions in one way or the other and there exist governments that are quite extreme in this aspect. For example, in many middle eastern and northern African states, the governments are highly influenced, or even controlled, by Islamic law and this is a religion that usually displays zero tolerance for activities that are condemned by its beliefs. It is safe to say that same sex marriage will never be constitutional in such states.

What is constitutional?

If one considers the word constitution to be a literal references to what is right and wrong, then the answer to your question can be found simply by reviewing the laws regarding this matter as set by your governing body. Personally, I do not believe that the happiness of any person should be determined by the beliefs of anyone else, homosexuals have just as much right to live their lives in any way they see fit.

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