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Police Brutality

Police brutality is a serious issue among nations today. The United States is not exempt from this. One of the key issues associated with police brutality is the fact that there are such low standards for police forces. In America the requirements to enter into the police force are significantly low and those who enter are not required to have any form of high psychological evaluation. Those who are evaluated as potential police forces do not need to obtain a high-scoring of stability and this often leads to police forces being a collective of the most unstable psychological representation of America.

This lack of high requirements is only exacerbated by the fraternity that is the American police force. Police have a unique fraternity feel about them compared to other forces. Many police members view themselves as highly protective of their male counterparts. They will protect their own above anyone else. If controversy arises about the ethical or moral behavior of another policeman, those in their unit will stick to their side and stand by them no matter what. They will immediately support and protect one another against all outside forces. This leads to police brutality in particular situations, something which goes under reported or unreported by other staff because of this fraternity.

There are particular areas where many police officers are sent to work which are highly dangerous because of the attitude toward police. There are many people in these areas that are typically armed with weapons such as guns. As a result, police will take action quickly and effectively based on previous experiences in these areas. This leads to police brutality against unarmed civilians, armed civilians, and anyone else in between simply out of fear and natural instinct.

The only way to combat such police brutality is to instigate a multiple tiered attack. Higher requirements and psychological evaluations must be instigated for those who are currently please officers and those who are applying to become police officers. After this police should be given more effective weapons for simply stunning those that they apprehend and not killing them. Certain types of bullets or weaponry can be used to stop a violent attacker without killing them or causing permanent physical damage. In addition to this increased situational awareness and training to recognize habitual thoughts and reactions by police officers can help to counter instinctual responses that are inappropriate in any particular situation.

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