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Carnegie Corporation And Adult Education

The vision of the Carnegie Corporation is to spread and enhance development education around the globe. The objective of the Carnegie Corporation founders was to develop a system through which people would use to achieve success. Various programs and mechanism were developed to accomplish these objectives.

The Objective of Carnegie Corporation

The history of Carnegie Corporation dates back in nineteen twenties when the corporation decided to invest in educating adults. Though colleges were highly populated, the production industries had insufficient highly qualified personnel. As a result, the American Association for Adult Continuing Education, AAACE, was initiated so as to bring a positive change. The Andrew Carnegie’s library played a significant role in enabling the success of the program which enabled willing adults to enhance their studies.

Presently, the Carnegie Corporation has about twenty nine groups which represent certain areas of study. However, adult education, adult development, adult psychology, community colleges, aging education issues, universities and colleges are the most active groups. Every year, the AAACE publishes the adult learning journal and handbooks, which outlines the information on adult educators who generate long-term programs for adult education.

The Scope and Success of Carnegie Corporation

The success of the Carnegie Corporation was achieved through development of unit groups referred to as Special Interest Groups, SIG. The Special Interest Group, focused on establishment of a network of study linked to adult education. The human perspective and the capabilities are changing everyday due to swift change in technology. Every single day, people face new challenges which require them to adopt new technologies of resolving them.

Military SIG instructors work very close with the community members to develop adult education, training and the issues of employment. The most significant direction of military SIG is to assist retired members of the military to acquire useful skill to enable them to participate actively in the development of the community.

Although the environmental development has emerged as a study subject in most education institutions in the twenty first century, it is also remained the core emphasized in the Carnegie Corporation to create a competitive knowledge and awareness on the most prominent issues relating to environment. The study requires adults to understand various sustainability levels of environment and be able to apply the environmental principles each day.

Carnegie Corporation therefore plays a vital role in support and development of adult education through generation of various specious interest groups, hiring scientists and team instructors to assist in publication of the handbook and journal used in adult education. These programs offered by AAACE have benefitted many learners and instructors around the globe.

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