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Sociology Of Fashion

Fashion is an important and vital component of any society in the universe today. The importance of fashion has been depicted by the availability and expansion of the fashion industry all over the globe. Fashion, however, is not just a local issue but is global in all societies. Fashion industries are thus crucial us. The expansion of the fashion industry is a significant boost to the economies of different countries. Fashion is also considered important as it helps in determining individuality and difference between among people. It is also the way in which people express themselves by use of colors, branding, texture and shape. Fashion is important to all cultures as it has meaning. Many people think that fashion is just about how we dress. However, that may not be entirely the case. Fashion is a vast topic and may cover even ideas and ideologies of people and also changes in style of doing things and performance. A lot has been written about the sociology of fashion.

Fashion and Identity

What people wear daily may create a precise picture of that person. Some people can judge the character and status of people based on how they dress. However, different clothing and styles may be suitable for different occasions depending on individuals. Feelings of an individual may determine what to wear on a particular day. One may be sad and decides to wear clothing that to them and others may be indicated and represent sadness. When happy, the individual may choose clothing that represents happiness. Fashion is thus paramount. And it is important to understand the sociology of fashion. The choice of fashion an individual makes has consequences. Choosing your outfit right for the day, helps one feel comfortable and confident. The wrong choice, however, may make one feel uncomfortable and may keep adjusting their clothing. Fashion may be essential in showing the identity we represent. T he type of dressing and also makeup shows our attitude and what we feel at a particular time. The identity by fashion may be sexual or gender identity. Fashion may be used to represent comfortable, confident, sexy and attractive.

Fashion Model as a teacher

Clothing is usually an interpretation of what designers see and what inspires them. Fashion thus is an interpretation. For fashion designers, therefore, identity and how people feel may not be in the mind as they design different styles of clothing and makeup.

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