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John Keats’ Poetry

John Keats is a famous poet, one who has utilizes techniques that brought him his fame. One genre that uses almost all of the techniques we have already covered is poetry. Consider that a single poem may contain imagery, descriptions of sounds, an array of different speech patterns, and personification of objects and animals to create an emotional response in the reader.

All successful poets use such techniques to create the sort of response or understanding they want their readers to have. A good analysis will identify these features and use them to explain the poet’s meanings and intentions. One of the more difficult things to do is perform an original analysis on any familiar or recognized work. This is because it is nearly impossible to do any research without being influenced by the materials already available. This is one reason to do an individualized analysis in advance of any research, and only then seeking some sort of resources from alternative locations or texts. It is also a very good idea to begin any research about a piece of familiar American literature with an understanding of how that particular genre or subgenre developed historically.

If the word “rhetoric” means a way of writing or speaking that is meant to influence the opinion of the listener or reader, then it is simple to see that “rhetorical” means that certain choices in words or phrases are meant to have the same effects as rhetoric. Often, a response to literature will be entirely rhetorical and will ask the reader to question the theme, credibility, or effects of the literary work being discussed. This will be done through the use of entirely personal experiences or concerns, and often these can be structured in a way that allows them to be very persuasive. For instance, crafting a narrative or description of a personal experience as a means of commenting on the credibility of a similar situation depicted in a work of fiction or a biography can often be persuasive, but it may not be accurate.

It is also possible to comment on a literary work by creating some comparisons that might accent or highlight a writer’s beliefs as depicted in the work. For example, someone writing a response to a literary work might make a comparison between an incident in the work and a universal or broader theme. Doing this can allow the writer of the response to illustrate the author’s statements about life or other subject matter.

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