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Picking Up Unusual Compare And Contrast Essay Topics About Religion

Religion has been a topic of much discussion and debate ever since the dawn of mankind.

Ever since Moses had the sea parted and helped the slaves go to the promise land, a relentless and seemingly perpetual dispute between those who claim to be the rightful owners of the land, and those who claim to have a claim to the land. Religion, without a doubt has shown mankind the path to righteousness, but debates and trials have been bifurcations of this pursuit of righteousness.

All the weight of morality and ethics propitiated by religion thus gives way for veritably endless topics to discuss and debate. But, in our day and age, political correctness is very critical. Being sentient toward people’s sensitivities is all the more important in our hyper communicating society.

We have composed a small list of compare and contrast essay topics about religion for you, we would advise you to bear in mind the sensitivity of people when writing about the issues you may find in this article.

  1. Political correctness: The changes in mass communication media have put in place pillars of probity to help support a better societal platform.
  2. The power of the Roman Catholic Church, then and now: The changes in the influence and power of the church over the centuries.
  3. Who are the Hindus? An investigation into the Aryan roots of the settlers who civilized the Indian sub-continent.
  4. The religions in the South East Asian Countries: An investigation of the prevalence of different religions in the region as a byproduct of changing political regimes over centuries.
  5. The secularity of state: A case study investigating the true nature of the secular structure and framework of constitutional institutions in India and United States.
  6. The difference between violent extremism and non-violent extremism as a consequence of religious influence.
  7. A study of the development and change of extremism in the United Kingdom: The dawn of a silent plague.
  8. The definition and scope of religion: A comparative study of religions in the different continent during pre-Columbian times.
  9. The common base of religion: How different parts of the world developed different religions with similar basic groundwork despite of no known communication before 4000 B.C.
  10. The interpretations of the preaching of the religion based upon demographics: How social, economic and cultural settings lead people following the same religion to infer it differently.

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