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A List Of Interesting Social Studies Essay Topics To Explore

Social study is the subject in which you study the relationship between different aspects of human life. This will include different categories like behaviors, culture, politics, economics, family structure, employment opportunities, historical events, sports and education. You need to pick one of these areas for your essay. You cannot write about all of them in one essay. The narrower your topic, easier it will be for you to write about it and cover it. You can define the scope of your paper by choosing a precise and relevant topic.

The topic of your paper is critical because it will lay down the foundation for the rest of your paper. You need to choose a topic, which is fresh and unique. If you write about over dragged topics and obsolete ideas then no one will take interest in your paper. Remember to keep the requirements for your teacher in your mind so that you can impress them with your topic.

Topics for an essay in social studies

If you are having hard time in choosing the right topic for your paper or do not know how to organize your ideas into a topic then the following will help you come up with a strong topic. Below is a list of interesting topics that students can use for social studies essay

  1. 1. The condition of food and drinking supplies during the Civil war
  2. 2. The role of women in contributing to family income after the World War
  3. 3. Racism as a serious problem in my town
  4. 4. Gender equity in Iceland is the highest, discuss how and why
  5. 5. What is the relation between financial situation and divorce rates
  6. 6. Child birth at home by a midwife, safe or not
  7. 7. Sports and patriotism what is the relationship
  8. 8. Are all military men patriotic or do they join armed forces for a better career, pay scale and respect in the society
  9. 9. Religion as one of the driving forces in promoting love and peace
  10. 10. How do people treat teenage girls in Eastern culture
  11. 11. Is sex a social taboo in most of the countries
  12. 12. Coal mines and the impact on cultural advancements
  13. 13. Effect of religious extremism on the image of the nation or country
  14. 14. Difficulties students face in school due to class system
  15. 15. The importance of organic foods in our lives

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