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A List Of Good Compare & Contrast Essay Topics To Explore

Compare and contrast essay topics can be on any two topics. The topics should be similar in nature that could share similarities and differences clearly seen. They may be about something you know well or something you can learn more about. As you review the purpose for the essay you get an idea of which topics you can choose to write about. Selecting topic ideas can be difficult since there are so many things that can be compared.

Tips to Help You Select a Good Topic for Compare and Contrast Essay Writing

Selecting a good compare and contrast essay topic may include reviewing ideas based on what you like or want to know more about. Think about things people often compare or want to know differences between. There are times people enjoy two related items even though they are different. For instance, this can be soda pop from two different brands or two retail stores that offer similar products and services to consumers.

As you think about potential essay ideas consider areas you may want to learn more about. You can use different sources to give ideas including television, newspaper, social media and even a trip to your local store. A number of essay papers has been written on compare and contrast topics. You can find these papers online through online essay databases for academic students. You can find content based on topic and type of academic paper.

10 Compare and Contrast Ideas for Inspiration

Sometimes a good idea may be right in front of you. You can use the following list of ideas to help you develop your own. Consider your interests and subject matter you feel you can write well and present informative content.

  1. Carbonated water versus regular drinking water.
  2. Computer desk top versus a laptop.
  3. Modern art versus renaissance art.
  4. What people like about childhood versus what people like about adulthood.
  5. Baking a cake versus baking a pie.
  6. Elements that define the subject of chemistry versus elements that define the subject of biology.
  7. Definitions of a vegetable versus definitions of a fruit.
  8. Job duties and definition of a United Kingdom Prime Mister versus a United States President.
  9. Tap dancing versus ballet dancing.
  10. Renting an apartment versus owning a house.

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