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Democracy As The System Of Government On Middle East

While democracy seems like the answer to the system of government in the Middle East, it is hard to implement it because in some cases it would make things worse than they already are because people that considered only certain people and not the society as a whole run most of these places. They are more of a favor for favor society, which would not work well as a democracy. The government works by using family, tribes, and others that are close to them for help if there is a problem because they are less likely to refuse to help. So your security in in your county lies in your family.

Like most people, you probably think that there is some places in the Middle East that have a democracy and you are right but it is only one place, Tunisia. And there is only one place that has a semi democracy in place and that is Lebanon. All of the other places have different ways to hand things and Islamist groups are attacking places. There are places in the Middle East that put on a democratic façade, like Egypt, Sudan Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Jordan, and Kuwait. There is an absolute monarchy in place in places like Saudi Arabia, and Oman but most of the places are either falling apart or in war. Syria And Iraq is in civil war, while Yemen and Libya are in a falling state. And is doesn’t matter what part of the Middle East you are in or if you are a democracy or not because there are terrorist attacks everywhere.

Recently in Cairo, Damascus, Jordan, Yemen, Benghazi, Amenas, and Tripoli, there have been terrorist attacks in all of these places by Islamist groups. It is hard to get a democracy in the Middle East, when there is so much chaos going on in that part of the country. Most of the people that live in the Middle East want peace and a democracy so their voice can be hear but it is hard to get your voice hear when there are people in the Middle East that will kill you if you speak out. It’s hard to say if a democracy would help or hurt the Middle East but you have to take more into consideration before you can determine that. There is a whole list of problems in the Middle East that need fixed first before they even think about a democracy.

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