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Ethical Issues Concerning Gun Laws

The use and application of guns has and continues to be a very large discussion, if not a worldwide debate. There are many different concerns regarding the ethical issues when concerning the use and ownership of guns. In modern day, there remains a slew of laws concerning gun use and ownership, as well as what a person may own in certain countries and states and what they legally may not. For many, the use of guns is an unnecessary violation of human safety and rights, and for others it is a way of being safe, protecting themselves, and occasionally an act of a hobby.

With fatal or severe victims from gunshot wounds and accidental gunfire, many people argue that there is not a fair enough amount of gun control in the world. People seek refuge in their everyday safety, and many people feel as though their rights to freedom and living day-to-day are being violated by the manufacturing, selling, buying, and use of these machines. The first and foremost concern is that there are people who do not have proper licensing to own or use a gun. Many people may illegally buy guns from different facilities, and in fact, criminals primarily buy guns illegally through legal and licensed gun dealers which are corrupt.

The concern for the illegal trade, selling or use of guns is one of the primary concerns focused in modern day on the ethics of guns, however gun laws themselves are constantly up for debate. People are concerned all across the world that there is not enough gun regulation and too much gun accessibility to people who do not need nor should own or use guns. There are certainly two sides to the debate; one for gun use and the other against gun use, or who seek serious gun control. For many nations, gun control is not as heavily regulated as it should be.

However, compared to a nation like the United States, other nations have more secure regulations which show statistically less violent crimes, murders, or homicides being committed. Examples of this could be as such, compared to the United States, the United Kingdom or nations like Finland, where a person who is looking to purchase a gun must submit to several tests and police interview. Other European nations such as Germany and Italy also have stricter gun laws, constricting the age of the buyer and show that they have no criminal background and pass a series of mental and aptitude tests. Many people argue that even though these people are less susceptible to causing or inflicting harm when going through these series of tests verifying their aptitude and intentions for gun ownership, that violence is still a possibility. For many, guns should not just be heavily regulated, but also outlawed. One thing is certain, however; the worldwide debate for the ethical issues against gun laws and gun ownerships will not die down anytime soon.

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