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Friends With Benefits

Friends with benefits is usually described as the arrangement of two people who participate in sexual activities, usually without any commitment that typically defines a relationship. With the rise of social media and dating apps, the rate at which people get into friends with benefits arrangements is going up.

There have been many studies conducted regarding this phenomenon. Due to the complexities of the arrangement, the friends with benefits arrangement can leave one or more parties feeling hurt and used. Human bodies release bond-enhancing oxytin when we have sex, which means there is an element of bonding with a sexual partner. This can further complicate matters for people in friends with benefits relationships.

There is sometimes a disadvantage for women in such arrangements, a 2011 study in the journal of sex research showed more women want the friends with benefits arrangement to develop into a romantic committed relationship than men, and that more men wanted the Friend with benefits arrangement to continue as it is.

However, many researchers claim that effective communication is one of the ways to making a friends with benefits relationship work. In a study conducted with 191 people, in which most of the participants were straight white women with an average age of 30, they were asked about the outcome in a year’s time with their current friends with benefits relationship.

The results of the research a year later showed that, 26% were still in their friends with benefits relationship, 28% went back to being friends, 15% had taken their relationship further to become romantic partners and 31% reported that they no longer had any sort of relationship whatsoever after a year.

The difference in those who managed to maintain their relationship was the communication and openness the participants had at the beginning of their arrangement. The participants who had not maintained any relationship at all after a year all reported having more communication and setting more ground rules at the beginning of the year.

The popularity of a friends with benefits relationship has risen considerably in the past few years. In a 2007 study, it was found that 51% of college students had experienced a friends with benefits arrangement. A reason given for this rise in such relationships is the popularity of dating apps and websites, such as tinder and OKCupid. These sites allow users to maintain secret relationships without their close circle of friends being aware, and without being subject to scrutiny and being judged by others.

In today’s world of smart phone and dating apps, friend with benefits relationships have become extremely common and many people are utilizing them, sometimes at the cost of getting hurt in the process.

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