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How Does Social Media Affect The Youth Of Today?

At present, social media give a lot of possibilities for users, starting from social networks up to geosocial services. However, they have an exclusive influence on the formation of the consciousness of the youth, their motives, valuable orientations, lifestyle, a choice of goals and ways of their realization, accompanying the socialization process. The given essay will discuss how social media affects the youth of today.

Social media can have both positive and negative impact on the youth. Thus, they allow young people to communicate with peers, relatives, friends, living in different cities and countries. Moreover, they are used as an instrument for self-development because they offer a lot of services, like reading of books, studying of foreign languages, photo and video hosting. Later, these activities can be discussed with the other members of the Internet communities. Thus, social media offer unlimited interactive communications, a direct participation of the youth in the generation and retranslation of media content, a high level of process involvement, a maximum feedback speed and user personalization.

A social network, being the most widely spread social media, is a sort of a social environment allowing a group of people, united by the general interest, to communicate. Social networks compose the territory of cyberspace with a special cyber culture, rules and norms of communication. Social networks render a negative impact on the youth. They manipulate the consciousness of the young people by means of information.

Young people satisfy their requirements in communication by the use of social networks. A real-life communication recedes into the background, and the most part of dialogues occurs during the correspondence in a network. A virtual life gradually forces real visits to the cultural entertainment centres and meetings with friends out. The youth can train the skills of real-life communication only in a real life, but social networks and active virtual life puts them into the situation when these skills are not used and do not develop, leading to atrophy. It results in socialization problems and inability to communicate with peers and adults.

To sum up, social media take a big part of a free time of the youth. Having forced the ways of communication out, they replaced hobbies and verbal communications. Despite all positive moments of social media, such as free means of communication, availability of audio and video material, speed of search and exchange of information, their influence on the consciousness and communicative skills of the youth is negative.

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