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Unique Essay Topics For College Students

Choosing the topic for your essay may seem the most challenging part of completing the written assignment for many. You get stuck on the first step, not even gotten to the actual writing yet. If you are among the students that think of open assignments as the worst thing imaginable, this guide will be just for you. First of all you will need to determine the type of your assignment. Different types call for different subjects. We divided the topics into essay types for your convenience, look for yours and get creative!

Persuasive/argumentative essay topics.

Here you will require a debatable topic, where you can stand for or against the point. Choose something that can be argued over, but make sure it's the topic you still have something to say on.

  1. Shall schools offer fast-food at lunch?
  2. Shall children be allowed to consume alcohol not reaching 21 years old?
  3. Shall tobacco producers be allowed to advertise on TV in daytime?
  4. Shall Internet access be prohibited to children under 12 years old?

Narrative essay topics.

You will need to tell a story, so select a moment from your life, your opinion or an idea to tell about. Make sure to not just describe it, but create a narration – a story with the beginning and the end.

  1. The job I will never have in my life.
  2. If I could introduce a new holiday.
  3. The most difficult decision I had to make.
  4. The moment that completely changed my view of ...

Descriptive essay topics.

In such an essay, you will need to provide a description of an object or concept. Your attitude to it shall be an important part of the paper, take some time to describe your emotions.

  1. Why lions are considered the kings of the jungle.
  2. My first encounter with an impressive art work.
  3. My first/ strongest childhood memory.
  4. Reunion with my camp friends.

Expository essay topics.

Here it will be required to investigate an idea, provide evidence and make the conclusion. The main idea is to use facts to prove your point, not stick to your emotions.

  1. The effect of music on the mood and social development of a teen/ young adult.
  2. The importance of getting a part-time job for a student.
  3. How can illegal immigration affect the economy of the destination country?

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