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When someone is proselytizing, they are trying to make you believe what they believe. This is a common practice that religions use to get people to covert to their religion. While they think that it is their way of saving someone from damnation, all they really are doing is just annoying the people that they are talking to. That is why we have freedoms in the world. You can pick whatever religion you want and there is nothing anybody can do about that. But most religions like to try to force their beliefs on others. That is why you should never proselytize to other people.

Looking back in history, there was a unsaid rule that you had to believe whatever religion that was practiced in your village. But that is different today, now you can choose whichever religion you want and you don’t even have to choose a religion if you don’t want to. But the way the people are trying to get people to convert to there religion is ridiculous. They go door to door, have events, and other things to try to get more members. And there is even proselytism among religious groups, there are Christians that will try to convert other religions to theirs.

This is getting out of control and forcing your beliefs on someone else is just wrong. It is best to just keep your beliefs to yourself. That is the best thing to do, people that have to listen to people proselyte their belief on to them will think less of the religion and of the person tell them. The only time you should tell people about your beliefs is if they ask because there are some people out there that are curious and want to know about it or are looking to convert but don’t know much about your religion.

It doesn’t matter what religion you believe in or what church to go to. All that matters when it comes to religion is what you do with it. Most churches and religious places are a pillar of the community. They help others out and do community service, it’s not that they are pushing their beliefs on the people they help but they are being good people and letting them know that there is a place for them if they want to go. This is the only acceptable form of proselytism that should be used.

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