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Discrimination In The Workplace

When one discriminates between two people it means that there is vivid and marked difference in the way they treat two people. This is most likely to become a serious issue at workplaces. A person can be discriminated against over several things. Some of these things are far graver than others. They can be rooted in religion, caste, creed and worse of all, color. Based on all these things, people often face some uncalled for and strange circumstances in their workplace that does not allow them to progress in a positive or in a healthy environment. Therefore, it is important to be able to understand and deal with it properly. Sometimes, the discrimination happens at such a minor level and in a very subtle way that it is even harder to realize that it is happening.

Several laws are now implemented with full force to ensure no individual is being judged on an external factor or on something that is not in their control, especially if their work is top notch. If we talk about the matter in a nutshell then there are four basic types of discrimination that people suffer and are aware of. These include:

Racial Discrimination

This has been a problem over the years to a great deal but is being catered to all the way. The world has moved forward with a preconceived notion that was first introduced with the concept of white man’s burden. This kind of discrimination occurs if an employee is not being given his or her rights simply because the color of their skin differs from the mass population of employees. This can lead to several problems if not dealt with legally.

Sexual Discrimination

This is amongst the kind of discrimination that is not taken seriously all over the world. When a woman is not being treated equal to a man despite her intellectual capability, this is because she is being discriminated against. This can become a major problem especially if the employer does not consider it a problem in the first place.

Discrimination by Reason of Age

Sometimes when young blood moves into a new workplace, they are massively discriminated against. This is because the employers working in the same place over the years begin to feel obsolete and bring their younger employees down. Despite having the experience, they consider the younger generation your counterparts, ones who threaten their position and are thus discriminated against. The young employees hold the ability to not only do well but also to ensure that the business moves in a contemporary manner, but because of discrimination they are often taken up as interns or are given insignificant jobs to be reminded of their lack of experience.

Discrimination Because Of Ability

This is when a person is discriminated against because of a certain disability even though they are physically and mentally capable enough to do the job at hand.

It is important to ensure that no matter where you work, your rights are being given to you despite your religion, your race, caste, color, creed, sex or age. It is essential to be able to identify if a step is being taken to keep you stuck in one position at a workplace or otherwise.

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