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Violence In School

According to a survey conducted in schools in the United States, it is clear that the there are few cases of violence in schools being reported today as compared to around early nineties. The available statistics are quite clear and show that most cases of violence involving students do not occur within the school compound. In fact, schools are termed as the safest place for school going youths than bus parks, public grounds or even homes. Funny thing to note is that the strict rules in most of the public schools have not contributed much towards the decrease in violence incidents in schools. If anything they have seen as counterproductive. However, those that follow the around the clock news will at times feel that violence in schools is on the rise. This is because the media has a way of putting news the way they want and in most cases have perpetuated a false notation on school violence. However, some schools in certain cities like Cleveland, San Francisco and Detroit are still struggling with violence in school. This shows that violence may be promoted by the nature of the community around.

Why is there Violence in schools?

Sometimes it is hard to tell why there is violence in schools. But one thing that many will agree with is that most of the violent kids are just following a behavior they copied either in video games, at home, in television shows or the streets. Most youths want to get associated with the things that they see especially with the famous people or their role models. Another primary cause of violence in schools is the feeling or rejection or isolation. All these reasons withstanding, experts say that availability of weapons to students is a major cause of violence in schools. Students may at one time want to lash out against other students that they do not like.

How to curb violence in schools

In most cases, students on the verge of committing a violence crime will show signs. They will want to brag about what they intend to do, threaten or bully others, play with weapons or show an obsession with violent games or movies. The counseling department can help these students. It is also important for anyone to report or ask for help whenever they start to feel insecure in school. Some schools have also started a hotline where students can share issues without fear of being victimized.

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