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The Socialization Of Women

Gender socialization is an important aspect of life. It influences how we do things. It is the way we have interacted with the society around us. This impacts a lot of changes and makes us more develop the character that we pose. It will persist through the entire life. It will determine how you talk, dress, the career you will pursue and the chores that you will be involved in. This is because we are subject to some social expectations. If we do not heed to these social expectations, we may suffer embarrassment. The socialization will also influence the relationship between boys and girls. Society demands boys to be tough and better than the girl child. It treats girls as the weaker sex and that they cannot surpass the powerful entity that man is. Gender socialization, therefore, makes women feel inadequate. Because of making them believe that they are weak, socialization also makes them prone to changes of mind and body. They have been forced to think that the only strong trait in them is the beauty. They will, therefore, work to make their body attractive so as to have some power over men. For this reason, I consider gender socialization very dangerous for women.

Self-Denial as a result of Socialization

Because women have a place that is set for them by the society, women have been caged. Some will not feel comfortable to do what they feel is best for them if it is against the societal belief. Others will have the ability to peruse certain positions or careers in their life but will not go for them because they are not sure of how the society will take them. The other thing is the beauty. Because of the media, there is the perfect definition of beauty. Women will, therefore, do anything to achieve this kind of beauty. Many are in denial of how they look. They will change their eating habits so as to achieve individual scales of beauty.

Same Standards for Men

The community does not hold the same standards for men. Man tend to believe that whatever their body traits, it is natural, and they should not work towards changing it. Unlike women, men that take on measures to change the body features will not try to influence other men. This shows that these traits are not deeply rooted in men as it is for women. Women are socialized to believe that body flaws are unnatural and can be corrected.

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