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How To Avoid Unreliable Services While Selecting A Writing Agency

When selecting a writing agency, you need to avoid certain glaring pitfalls. You already know that online writing has become a goldmine especially for crooks looking to make easy money. They will come along promising all kinds of goodies. But at the end of the day, you may end up regretting your move. So, how can you avoid the unreliable essay writers for hire?

  1. Always do a thorough background check
  2. All these companies start somewhere. And, to be on the internet, they will somehow provide some information that can help you determine whether or not they can be relied upon. For instance, look at the date when the company was formed. You should try to avoid companies that are just entering the market. The reason is that most of the con artists usually start a website today, con people for a few weeks, and the close down. By choosing a company that has been around for a bit longer – maybe one or more years – you can rest in the knowledge that they are truly in the game and not just looking for a quick catch.

  3. Read and take heed of customer reviews
  4. One major problem with these reviews, however, is that some companies are now even paying professionals to positively review their services on selected platforms. For instance, a writing company may contract somebody to write positive reviews about them on Facebook. What you need to do is be very careful. Consider reading reviews on multiple platforms and especially on public forums. Forums are a bit difficult to manipulate because forums users are usually engaged in a discussion. Also, read a lot of reviews to get the overall opinion. Don’t just make your mind after reading two or three reviews.

  5. Contact the company beforehand
  6. If you don’t want surprises, make an appointment and speak to the company at some point before giving out the job. You can call them on your phone, chat with them on Skype, engage them in live chat, or send them an email. As you do this, pay particular attention to their response time and how they address you. By know you should know that automated voice responses aren’t welcome. If you call and they put you on hold for 30 minutes or let a machine talk to you, then that’s not the company to work with. Look at this company for inspiration.

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