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An urban area is the one which is developed with a relatively higher population than the country side. An urban India is very much crowded and the population is very high and the streets are usually narrow where the business centres are flourishing.

The different dimensional aspects of the urban India may be studied under the following heads. They are:

Demographic:-- People living in urban areas have a thick population and the density being at least 400 persons per square kilometre according to the 2001 census.

Economic: -- The money rotation is not only fast but it is at its zenith; hence, the evil elements of money dealings hidden are open and affect the routine of the urban people. People are highly materialistic indulging themselves in open and black market.

Social:-- After the advent of social networks, the social interaction has developed only through technological means but the personal level of social interaction is totally lost.

Functional:-- The Chief production of urban area is Industry based and one of the main by products of the production is pollution of all categories: air, water, earth, and noise. Whereas the benevolent production of the village produces no pollution rather prevents/mitigates pollution.

Problems of Urban India

With all ultra modern gadgets urban people lead a life of very poor quality with no time left to enjoy the sunrise, the chirps of birds, the melodious dance of the river and calm serene lakes. Fire and smoke emitting vehicles greet the urban people on the road. Dubious and open pits, sand and oil spilt roads give a red carpet welcome to the inhabitants.

The natural resources of water are depleted due to the mismanagement and callousness of the urban people. The quality of life and the population is inversely proportional and it is the main culprit.

The literacy rate is high. Except the persons with life skills qualification everyone go behind the white collar jobs. Urban areas have more unwarranted distractions hindering the quality life of the people.

Due to technology, the world has shrunk. But much to the dismay, the distance between the persons in a family has become much more. That is the irony of urban life in India.

Suggestions to improve the quality life of urban India

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