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History Of Detroit

July 24, 1701, the day Antoine de La Mothe Cadillac, a French Lord, landed in Detroit, is considered the start of Modern Detroit’s history. He had constructed a building there and called the town Fort Pontchartrain du Detroit, from which the present name Detroit was derived.

The British Major Robert Rogers took control of Detroit on November 29, 1760. The Treaty of Paris (1783) followed by Jay Treaty saw the British ceding the control of Detroit to the United States and leaving Detroit in 1796. Detroit was incorporated as a city in 1815 after it was surrendered to the British in the war of 1812 and recaptured by the United States Army in 1812. In 1837, Michigan became the 26th state of the United States. The city’s easy access to Canadian border resulted in it becoming an important network of secret routes, called Underground Railroad, for slaves to escape to free states and Canada. The Detroit Race Riot (1863) happened on March 6, 1863.

Stove and Kitchen appliances manufacturing and Vernor’s Ginger Ale, Stroh’s Beer were some of the products that made Detroit famous in the 1850s. It became the transportation hub because the rail lines were connected to the Lake Erie’s waterways. Parke-Davis (1870s), Frederick Stearns (1890s), Globe Tobacco (1888) were some of the major businesses that were set up in Detroit, leading to its rise in Industry and Commerce. The city of Detroit had immigrants from France, United Kingdom, while the Polish, the Prussian-Polish, German, and Irish immigrants made Detroit their home in the 18th century. Detroit had a thriving carriage trade, which prompted Henry Ford to start the automobile factory in 1910. This revolutionized the automobile industry with its mass production using assembly lines. This brought about a boom in its population, which reached 1.5 million by 1930. The Great Depression of 1928 caused the downfall in the demand for cars, crashing the economy of Detroit. During the World War II, the automobile facilities were used to manufacture military equipment. Blackburn riot happened on June 14, 1833. 1863 saw the Anti draft and race riot. A 1943 race riot resulted in 34 deaths due to competition for wartime jobs. July 23rd, 1967 saw a street riot where 43 were killed and 342 injured.

In 2013, Detroit went bankrupt, which is the largest ever bankruptcy in the US and the Governor declared a financial emergency.

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