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How To Find A Personal Narrative Essay Example You Can Rely On

A personal narrative essay is a type of writing assignment that asks students to provide a personal story, which to a point tells some kind of truth or insight. Usually, instructors will allow students to write about anything they please, but sometimes keywords like “challenge” “hardship” “inspiration” in prompts are meant to guide students towards one direction or another.

Many will agree that these types of assignments allow the most freedom, but there are still certain rules students must follow in order to write a great piece. First of all, the introduction must first hook the reader and set the scene before ending with a great narrative thesis. Second, the body paragraphs should be written to show and not tell the details of an event in order to help the writer understand what the writer experienced. Lastly, a conclusion serves as a kind of reflection or analysis of all the events described in the body paragraphs and is often thought of as being the moral of the story.

The key to writing a great personal narrative essay is finding a well-written example you can rely on to learn how to properly structure, use transition statements, and descriptions to really grab the reader’s attention. Here are some suggestions where you can find great samples:

Getting Examples from Your Instructor

If you need good sample of a personal narrative essay then go to the source of the assignment: your instructor! He or she will likely have several really good samples that show you the correct format as well as the kind of writing your instructor deems worthy of a high grade.

Getting Examples from Professional Writing Services

Purchasing sample papers from a professional writing service is an excellent idea for anyone who wants to see how different types of academic assignments should be formatted. Simply contact a service and provide it with your assignment’s details (i.e., topic, word count, deadline, etc.) and it will provide you a professionally written essay you can dissect to help as you re-write your own.

Finding Examples from Writing Help Sites

You may be able to find several good examples on writing help sites, which post a large number of resources for writers at every level. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, contact the website’s client services or technical support to see if they have samples they can send you for reference. You’d be surprised just how much these kinds of sites have access to.

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