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5 Great Resources Where You Can Find Free Essay Examples

Have you ever found yourself with writer’s block? I know I have and it is one of the most incredibly frustrating things that can happen. You just sit there staring at your computer screen as if it could magically start writing on its own and finish your homework.

Well for all of us, poor students, there’s an option. If you find a few examples of the type of assignment you have, and even of the topic for it, you are sure to be get a few ideas and pointers as to how to go about continuing and finishing a quality paper on time. There are many people who sell or donate their essays online and sometimes, these end up online. Most of the time you can buy them, however there are many pages which also offer them for free. Here are some of the top results with the best examples.

  1. Anti Essays:
  2. This page offers you papers for free. The only thing you need to do, is search for your topic and choose an example.

    PRO: It is a free service, and it is quite easy to navigate.

    CON: You need to join (create an account) to be able to access full essays.

  3. 123helpme:
  4. This page offers a variety of assignments for you to parse and read.

    PRO: There are many free papers to read and use

    CON: Many other examples, which are much better quality, you have to pay for and they can be quite expensive going as far as $40 a piece.

  6. This website is easy to navigate, clean-looking and has excellent quality papers for you to use. There are many topics and they all look very well researched.

    PRO: You can request topics and types of essays, access free ones and read them full

    CON: While you read, you will find a lot of interruptions and publicity, which could be highly inconvenient and distracting.

  7. echeat:
  8. Another website that offers up free examples of what you’re looking for, is echeat.

    PRO: There are many examples available for free

    CON: Just like with 123helpme, many samples require you to pay for them, to be able to read or otherwise.

  10. This website works a little like a torrent would. You have to give to be able to receive.

    PRO: You can access the website for free for 1 month

    CON: As long as you submit 5 well-written examples of your own, and you can’t see any before you do.

    These are all pages that can help you cure your writer’s block, however, remember that plagiarism is unacceptable and something you could get kicked out of a class, or suspended for. Use these resources wisely!

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