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The Most Important Things To Write A Persuasive Essay About: 11 Great Suggestion

If you need to write a persuasive essay, you may be worrying that you don’t know where to begin. Indeed, you may not even know what one is! Well, worry no more- for there is always help available.

So what is it?

This kind of essay is exactly what you might expect it to be. It’s asking you to be persuasive in an argument- usually a topic that you are personally passionate about. You should also choose a subject you’re already quite knowledgeable in.

When writing, make clear and concise statements to back up what you’re saying. Make sure you’ve researched your topic well and that you can contain quotes and references that concur with your position. Of course, you’ll also need to put in the contrary argument and plenty of facts and figures- anyone can win a one sided argument! Ascertain that you can be persuasive about your topic in a professional academic way and use the conclusion of your paper to drive home your main points. The purpose of a persuasive essay is to attempt to persuade your reader to your cause and opinion- so make sure your argument is well thought out and presented well.

Although persuasive essays work best when you are passionate about a subject you know well, if you have been asked to write something on an important issue, you may need to have a longer think about what to pick as your subject. What’s important to one person, isn’t to another- but you should consider writing about, for example, the for or against debate of the death penalty rather than why your baseball team are the best in the state!

Some ideas.

To get you started, here are 11 persuasive essay titles about important subjects. Have a think about an important subject that you’re passionate about yourself- and write a well argued case- and you can’t fail to go wrong.

  1. The death penalty in all states should be abolished.
  2. All nuclear weapons should be destroyed.
  3. Why abortion is the right of the mother.
  4. Stopping global arms deals would create a better world.
  5. Health and happiness over profits: why we should have a four day working week.
  6. Why the right to bear arms should never be changed.
  7. Governments should be localized.
  8. Smoking should be banned in all outdoors areas.
  9. Marijuana should be legal globally.
  10. Fracking: why we shouldn’t do it.
  11. All motor vehicles should be electric.

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