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What Are The Basic Elements Of A Critical Analysis Essay

Critical analysis is the act of stripping an idea or concept bit by bit to expose the true meaning or mechanism behind it. It is usually targeted at novels, movies, reports and research papers with the intention of testing the accuracy of claims or ideas made in these pieces. There are different approaches to accomplishing this task and here I will list the basic elements of a critical analysis essay:

  1. Introduction
  2. Like in every paper you will ever write, an introduction is required. Here you outline the purpose of your paper giving the reader a glimpse of your point of view without being too detailed. It serves only as an entrance to the main body of the paper.

  3. The argument for analysis
  4. In this section your present the argument as stated by the original creator and give explanation of their point of view. You should be thorough and unbiased, accurately explaining the idea as intended by the creator without altering their work in anyway. This section serves to introduce the reader to the issue under analysis if they were not familiar with it before so it is important that they receive the information as it was originally presented.

  5. Your argument
  6. This section will be the largest part of your essay where you go into details about your reasoning. The original work will be dissected and analyzed giving your point of view on each detail and presenting your reasons based on information gained in the original work or other relevant sources. This is where you make your case so your strongest points must be clearly outlined.

  7. Conclusion
  8. After presenting your argument you are now ready to make your opinion known. In this section you will show how your points come together to undeniably support your conclusion and why the original creator’s version was wrong or inaccurate. Be very careful when phrasing your conclusion as a small misinterpretation can result in a failed analysis unworthy of notice.

  9. Reference
  10. If you are required to quote or reference any external source of information, care must be taken to do so without misrepresentation. Proper respects must also be paid to the relevant sources in this section by listing the names of the authors and the names and dates of their published works. Make sure your reference section is thorough and accurate paying close attention to detail.

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