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Should The U.S. Legalize Prostitution?

At times, the government is faced with some situations which are controversial because a large proportion of the population favors one aspect while another significant proportion favors the other aspect. Same is the case with legalization of prostitution in the U.S. There are forces which want prostitution legalized while there are other forces which want it to stay illegal. This article tackles this very question: should the U.S. legalize prostitution?

There have been arguments that favor the legalization of prostitution. According to those who favor legalization, taking this decision would result in a significant reduction of crime which originates from lack of financial resources. Legalization of prostitution will help a significant proportion of population that undertakes crime to be willingly employed. This decision will also result in generation of tax revenue for the government. As long as prostitution remains illegal, the underground transactions related to prostitution will remain out of the bounds for regulatory authorities. However, if prostitution is made legal, this will become a legitimate source of income for a proportion of population and this income will be taxable as well. One of the biggest advantages also include getting the prostitutes off the streets and enhancing their status in the society. Currently the term ‘illegal’ is associated with prostitution which makes it exponentially negative in the society. The countries where prostitution has been made legal, it has been observed that it has only improved the situation.

Those who oppose the legalization of prostitution in the U.S. state that legalization will result in a significant increase in the act of prostitution which can leads towards an exponential increase in sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) which also include AIDS which cannot be cured and is fatal. The increase in prostitution can also lead towards increase in abuse of women by men, and an increase in human trafficking at a global level. Since prostitution is immoral in itself, its legalization will only render the underworld criminals more powerful who may move towards establishing their empires based on prostitution which may have a legal outlook but may exploit the legitimate nature of prostitution.

Thus, considering both the sides of the argument, it can be said that both the sides have very convincing arguments and it cannot be said with a high degree of certainty whether it will be a good idea to legalize prostitution in the U.S. It can be concluded that U.S. may legalize prostitution if high level of controls are placed to make sure that the legalization is not exploited in any way.

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