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A Fail-Proof Method To Create An Essay About British Education

You have been instructed to write a paper on British education and you have no idea where to start. Before you begin writing, you will need to understand the objective. Ask yourself why you are writing the paper? You will then need to choose an approach. After examining the materials provided for the purpose of analysis, you will need to choose a topic on which you should write about. Ensure that you pinpoint a single idea or concept.

Thesis statement

Once you have chosen a subtopic to write on British education, you will need to start by composing the thesis. The thesis is usually included in the introduction of the essay and consist of one or 2 sentences. This should offer a clear explanation on what your paper is all about.

Introduce examples/evidence points

After creating the thesis statement, you will need to back it with evidence. Include examples and points derived from the material. Ensure that you briefly introduce these points and expand hem in the body paragraph. When analyzing the British education system, one of the key things that you should consider is functionalism. This refers to the role of education in intergrading individuals in a social group. It is in school where students learn how to commit to social class and conform to the values and norms of the society.

Construct body paragraph

After this, it is time to create the body paragraph. Ensure that these remain on topic. Ensure that all points are well cited from source material and are reflecting to the previous materials. One of the areas that you can explore on British education is on the various conflict theories. These offer divergent views on the role that education has played in the development of modern Britain. For instance, the Marxist theory suggests that the higher class values are as a result of education.

Wrap up

You have already done the donkey work. It is time to include the conclusion which should mirror the introduction. It is here where you restate your thesis in different words. Ensure that you also summarize the supporting arguments. Avoid introducing new ideas in this part. You should also include any conclusion or final thoughts that you get from an analysis of the available materials.


You will need to format your paper before submission. The most important thing that you should remember is to remain on topic and ensure that you have cited in the right manner. It also helps to be specific. There are also many sites that offer direction on writing an essay about British education.

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