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A List Of Fresh Essay Topics For Things Fall Apart

Things Fall Apart is a novel by Chinua Achebe, a writer from Nigeria. It is studied in many schools, so the chance of you being assigned an essay on it is very high. If you find yourself in a situation like this, and have no idea which topic to choose in order to make a better impression on your teacher, look at the suggestions listed below. These prompts will definitely inspire you.

  1. The connection between the poem the Second Coming by William Butler Yeats and things Fall Apart.
  2. Achebe took the name of his novel from this poem. What do you think inspired the author about it?

  3. Analysis of the novel’s setting.
  4. Do some research of the rural life in Nigeria in 1950s and Igbo culture. Does the author’s rendering of the peoples’ daily lives correct?

  5. Values of the author and his kin.
  6. Identify the values most important to the author of the novel. Did the prominent political and social figures of the time share them? Is the book the reflection of an era or just the writer’s point of view?

  7. Obierika and Okonkwo: comparative character analysis.
  8. These two characters seem to be complete opposite of each other. Is this really so? How do the features of one character highlight the contrasting traits of the other? Use examples from the text.

  9. Nwoye and Isaac: the significance of the name.
  10. Nwoye’s Christian name is Isaac. Analyze this connection. How is it significant? Does it relate to the Biblical legend of Isaac?

  11. Things Fall Apart as an attempt to unify Western and African culture.
  12. Achebe uses Western writing techniques and literary forms in order to tell the story of the Igbo people. He also uses many local proverbs and tells the stories of Igbo culture. What kind of effect does the author achieve by creating this unique mix?

  13. The role of women in the novel.
  14. Find out what the role of a woman in the society was at that time. Does the author reflect the current situation in his story? Did any changes occur over the years?

  15. Okonkwo’s suicide.
  16. Try to explain the reasons that pushed the character to kill himself. Could there be any other outcome?

  17. Why does Umuofia fall apart?
  18. Analyze the whole story and try to explain why does Umuofia seem to be heading down to full collapse. How can this development be changed?

  19. The role of feminine qualities for the Igbo culture as a whole.
  20. Do the feminine and womanly qualities help the culture exist? How does this happen? Can this be used to save the situation?

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