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Youth Gangs

Youth gangs have become a major problem in larger societies all over the world. A gang may be a group of any number of people whose agenda is to commit crimes. Youths form and join gangs for different reasons. It is important to note that the problem has escalated to degrees that are frightening. We are however left wondering whose fault it is that this problem is actually growing. The reasons why youths decide to form and join gangs may not be clear to anyone. The important thing is, however, to look into possible ways of reducing or even better eradicating the systems. Youth gangs make places unsafe and people live in fear of being robbed or even worse getting hurt. Governments have apparently failed and should obviously do something to combat youth gangs’ activities. Additionally, parents need to be careful how they bring up their children, so they do not end up getting wasted in youth gangs.

Why youths join Gangs

There are various reasons why youths get themselves in youth gangs and committing crimes. The divorce between parents is a primary reason youths get involved in youth gangs. They may be cut off and may have no income. They may opt to form youth gangs to earn a living. Gaining the access to drugs and also guns also contributes to the formation and joining youth gangs. Peer pressure is one of the main causes of joining youth gangs as one wants to be like friends and age mates. Youths who have a lot of free time may spend it on movies. Watching violent movies may trigger the formation and join of youths’ gangs. Neglect and lack and absence of parental guidance may make youths feel unwanted and lonely and may find themselves tempted to join youth gangs.

Strategies to Prevent Youth Gangs

One of the best strategies to prevent youths from joining youth gangs is parental guidance and guidance. This entails bringing up children in a way that they are enlightened and aware of the values that are acceptable to the society. Parents should correct their children whenever they go wrong. Beginning the process at home the best way as a youth may Uphold the values even after leaving his or her parents home. Ensuring that youths are kept busy and have constructive things to do for leisure for example being in sports is also important to prevent youth gangs. Another Important strategy is communication with embers of youth gangs to know the cause of their problems in order o initiate rehabilitation.

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