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Video Games And Gender

Equal gender representation a topic that is most spoken about in the society today. The society has thus moved from the male dominated society to a society of equity that gives all genders an equal chance. Women can now take on careers of their choice unlike in the yester day’s where some professionals were left only for men. This equity is evident in all areas. In the gaming industries, the equity is still dragging on slowly. A lot of men are seen in the game making industries than women. The percentage of women in the game making industries is twenty-two percent that is still very low. The number of women playing video games is also very low. The gaming industry and video games are still perceived as a male-dominated field. However, with the tremendous growth in the technology, some ladies are appreciating the importance of video games especially to young girls whose minds are still developing.

Male Domination

Male dominates the market of video games. Even parents perceive that video games are for boys and this is the reason as to why they buy video game sets for boys and not girls. The player base is full of males. Even in the joints in the towns where video games are played, it is not viewed as a place for the ladies. I think this mentality has been created by the fact that even most of the characters used in most video games are male. Basically, male are believed to have the superior ability than the ladies and this is also displayed in the video games industries. This is the reason we have most characters in video games being male.

Character and Roles

In my research, I have noted that most of the primary character’s roles are given to male characters in the game. This is because they are believed to have the ability than the ladies. Women are given the supporting or secondary character. In most video games, female characters are sexualized and are used to show us how attractive they are. Most of their artier is used as a form of attraction. Unlike men who are shown for their masculine and strength. Clothes of ladies are scanty and tight aimed at showing the attractive physical body of the woman. It is an interesting observation that women are only given light activities that will allow them to be noticed because of their attractiveness. For instance, in racing games, women are given the role of flagging off vehicles while ladies are drivers.

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