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Simple Tips For Writing A 5-Paragraph Compare And Contrast Essay

In a compare and contrast essay, you should put together two subjects (people, events, places, objects, etc.) and focus on their differences, similarities, or both. It isn’t difficult to accomplish this task well as long as you know everything about the subjects being compared. If you should compare two books, read them. If you want to compare two presidents, learn everything about their policies. The only challenge in crafting compare and contrast papers is to decide how to structure them. If you analyze all similar features in one body paragraph and all differences in the second one, your essay will consist of only four paragraphs (including an introduction and a conclusion). However, what if you are required to follow a standard 5-paragraph structure in your piece of writing? Don’t puzzle over this question in vain! Consider the following tips to easily cope with the task.

Organize your paper point by point.

It means that you should focus on one aspect of two subjects in each body paragraph. Pick three aspects to be compared and contrasted and you’ll receive a 5-paragraph paper as a result. For example, if you write about two poems, you may focus on their themes, images, and figurative language in separate body paragraphs.

Develop your introduction efficiently.

To create an effective introduction for your compare and contrast essay, take the following steps:

Include all relevant details into your body paragraphs.

Start each body paragraph with a topic sentence mentioning the aspect you are about to compare and contrast. Provide at least two details for each subject being compared. These details will be your supporting evidence and they will effectively demonstrate similarities and differences between your subjects.

Wrap up your essay with a complete conclusion.

Make sure that you conclude your paper strongly:

If you still are not sure how to approach any component of your 5-paragraph paper, don’t worry! Find several well-written samples, read them, and you’ll definitely understand the essence.

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